"If ONLY..."

"If ONLY _________, my life would be changed forever".  If I know you like I know me, you've probably uttered similar words....frequently.

In completing this quick little survey, I hope to accomplish a two main goals:

1.  For you to gain some clarity & begin taking back your power.

2.  For me to gain some clarity about how I might be able to help you!

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Question 1 of 3

Grief has no timeline.  It just IS. No two  experiences of it are exactly alike, but I tend to think that it comes in waves.  Having said that, if you were to place yourself on a timeline, which one of the below seems *most* fitting for you today?


I've just discovered that there is a term for the hell that I've been experiencing. I don't know whether to feel relieved, validated, or seething with anger.


I've been to therapy, to court, and maybe even reunification therapy. Things aren't better OR worse yet, but I feel like something is brewing, and I don't know if I can handle one more stressor.


I've been alienated for years. I have little to no contact with my child(ren). I'm getting by, but honestly, my life has been hard ever since it all began, and Ive struggled to find a genuinely happy place since.

Question 2 of 3

In which area(s) do you struggle the most?

(Select all that apply)

finding direction & purpose


setting & completing meaningful goals


accountability for my own commitments (to me)


self-trust &/or self-confidence


allowing emotions (processing emotion in a productive way)


Honestly, I can't think about anything other than my anger and/or feelings of guilt. I'm on a 24/7 hamster wheel of replaying old scenarios, trying to make sense of it all.😩💔

Question 3 of 3

If you could learn how to implement one or two skills in order to find peace and purpose, what would they be?  

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