Are you ready to move

Beyond The High Road

 of parental alienation?

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In case we haven't met quite yet...

Hey there.  I'm Shelby.  

I'm really glad we've found each other.  

Friend, I know that life hasn't gone how you expected.


When you found out you were going to become a parent, you probably spent hours imagining what life would be like with a little babe to call your own. Sure, you forecasted a bump or two in the road — definitely some character-building moments — but I can almost guarantee that you didn't expect the term "parental alienation" to be part of your vocabulary.


Yet here you are.  

Saying that life's been hard is an understatement.  


It's been downright BRUTAL.


The road has been long, dark, and bumpy AF.

Along the way you've felt lost.


Isolated and alone.


Angry, exhausted, and despondent.

At each intersection, you've felt unsure of which way to proceed.


I get it.  

On top of that, you have thoughts bouncing around in your mind that keep you feeling stuck.

You might not even notice that your inner dialogue has been telling you things like:


"this is just how life is going to be from here on out"


"It's too late to start over."  


 you'll "never be truly happy again"

Wanna know the Good News? 

These kinds of thoughts 👆🏼 don't have to dictate your reality.

Yes, you've been through the proverbial wringer... and it probably feels like your heart has been smashed into a thousand itty-bitty pieces.  But, 

You Can Heal.


It is possible to live a fulfilling and meaningful life - even after alienationif this is what you desire.

Who Is This Program For?

IF… You've been living in your own personal hell since the day it began. You wish there was something - anything - you could say or do to get through to your child(ren), but you've been down that painful road... You're now ready to pick up the pieces and (not move on, but) move forward in your life.  

Your children are your heart; with distance between you, you know that there will be grief. You want to learn how to honor your kiddo and your own feelings of loss, while feeling purposeful and even joyful.  

You know that you're made for more.  

But you feel stuck

You need help figuring out what to do and how to do it.    

So, Whether You're:


  • a parent who's recently found out that there was an actual term for this Lifetime Original/Twilight Zone experience they call alienation, you just can't take the isolation and stress anymore.  You need some support and guidance.


  • mid-custody suit, and you want to be as clear-minded, prepared, and composed as possible.  You want to ensure that your testimony and time spent in court goes smoothly and ends favorably. (just think: no stress responses on the stand!).


  • a veteran of this alienation thing; the parent who's been through therapy, read all of the books, listened to all of the TedTalks and podcasts.  You've exhausted all self-help resources & efforts, only to still feel trapped.


  • an action taker who is tired of doing this alone and craves people who will cheerlead successes, be a sounding board for the days that suck, and kick you in the ass in the moments you need it most, so that you can feel and be productive in your efforts; finally gaining traction in healing each area of your life!


It’s Time To Love Yourself - and your LIFE - Again.

Program is Being Updated

 Cancel anytime.  No questions asked.  


Learn how to see your situation of alienation and use it to your benefit.  

  • let go of unhelpful thoughts and behaviors.
  • feel close to your kiddos, even though your access to them is limited/non-existent
  • free yourself of guilt, shame, and negative self talk.

It's been a long road.  Let's take care of you.  Nurture yourself like never before.


Inside the BTHR HEALING  & REINVENTION Program, You'll Get...

Monthly Courses

At the beginning of each month, we dive into a fresh topic. You'll have a video course to watch, followed by a live class. The daily worksheets will help you to become aware of your current belief systems, and walk you through each step of intentionally creating new, more helpful thoughts and patterns.

Weekly Coaching Calls 

Weekly group coaching calls via Zoom, along with a variety of workshops scattered throughout the month. *recordings always available for later viewing. 

Workshops & Events 

A variety of self-focused, forward-thinking workshops scattered throughout the month to support you in your growth. 

Private Community

When you join, you also get immediate access to our private community and mobile app. Secure and private group where you can connect with other parents, and feel confident that you will be supported in a way that promotes healing and growth.

Recordings & Resources

All courses from previous months will be saved in the vault for you to access at any time during your membership, along with any workshops, worksheets, workbooks, and other useful resources.

Ask the Coach, FAQ, and General Requests 

Message in with your questions or concerns, and you'll hear back within 24!  All general questions will be indexed and searchable for easy access in the future.  

The monthly membership program is getting a facelift.  Check back in March or click below to receive updates!

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What are the benefits of GROUP COACHING calls?

 During our weekly coaching calls, we take all of the tools you've learned, and we apply them.  We analyze them, as they relate to your specific situation, and we put them into practice.  

This is a safe & private space where everyone is working on their own healing journey.

Aside from the obvious benefits that come from being coached yourself, many find that it's extremely helpful for them to observe while someone else is being coached too. Often, just being present for someone else's coaching will spur more profound realizations than when being coached yourself! 

  • Collaboration: the potential for application retention is increased when you are watching a peer being coached. 
  • Out of the limelight: if introverted, not feeling "on the spot"; having the ability to watch as the tools are being applied to a peer's situation provides a feeling of safety.
  • Processing at your own pace: provides time for reflection and articulation 
  • Content-rich: learn from insights and contribution of peers 
  • Community:  group coaching offers a shared experience through community.  Others there to support and encourage.
  • Clarity: the group model is an excellent way to receive benefits and learn from a wide variety of situations
  • Motivation & morale: group atmosphere is uplifting and supportive
  • Cost: unbeatable benefits at a stunningly low price point makes the program an obvious top choice for healing. 

Just imagine...



  •  Knowing exactly what to say when someone asks you about your kids. ←  


  •  Never again feel the need to avoid the awkward conversation with that one nosey neighbor or your child's former teacher (say goodbye to the ole 'duck-down-the-aisle' maneuver or wearing a hat to disguise yourself).  ← 


  • Waking up each morning with a renewed sense of purpose & genuine feeling of excitement to begin your day. ← 


  • Having simple frameworks you can immediately implement in your life, so that you can feel confident that the action you're taking is going to get you where you want to go. ←


  • Feeling 100% confident that you said or did the appropriate thing during your conversation with your child(ren) or the other parent.  


  • Finding the clarity and sense of self you've always admired others for having. ←


  •  You have specific goals you're working towards, and guidance on the steps you're taking to achieve them all. ← 


  • Feeling like you finally have the support you've been craving - people who understand what you're going through, and who also know and respect your boundaries. 


  • Making decisions each day without the fear of, “will this work?,” “am I doing it wrong?,” or “is this the right thing to do?". ← 


  • Having like-minded parents that you know have wisdom, experience and help you can’t get anywhere else (no more YouTube rabbit holes for free advice). ←
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"Shelby is a highly intelligent and likable coach.  She really GETS it..."

Serena Cosmo

"Shelby has been my rock during my blackest moments.  She works with humor, compassion, and empathy…" 

Leanne Yonkman

When you sign up, you get immediate access to the video showing you my 3 step method: Responding with Confidence When They Ask About Your Kiddos.