Are you ready to move

Beyond The High Road

of parental alienation?

You didn't choose alienation. Don't allow it to define you.  

Let's Do This

In case we haven't met quite yet...

Hey there! I'm Shelby.  

I'm really glad we've found each other.  

Friend, I know that life hasn't gone how you expected.


When you found out you were going to become a parent, you probably spent hours imagining what life would be like with a little babe to call your own. Sure, you forecasted a bump or two in the road — definitely some character-building moments — but I can almost guarantee that you didn't expect the term "parental alienation" to be part of your vocabulary.


Yet here you are.


The road has been long, dark, and bumpy AF.

Along the way you've felt weary.


Isolated and alone.


Angry, exhausted, and dejected.

At each intersection, you might've been unsure of which way to proceed.


I get it.  


On top of that, you likely have thoughts loitering in your brain that keep you feeling stuck.

You might not even notice that your inner dialogue has been telling you things like:


"I'll never be happy again"


"...not until my child comes home, anyway."


"I'll suffer for the rest of my life."


The Amazing News? 

The thoughts in your head don't have to dictate your reality. Yes, you've been through the proverbial wringer.. and even though you feel like your heart has been smashed into a thousand itty-bitty pieces,

You Can Heal.  

It's entirely possible to live a fulfilling and meaningful life - even while experiencing the grief of alienation.  

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