The Sweetest Revenge…


Think of alienation as your launching pad to greatness.    

1:1 Private Coaching


Taking Back Your Power 

Fast track to Reinvention 

  • Understand why you think, feel, &¬†respond¬†in the ways you do. ¬†
  • Learn how to take back your power in every situation
  • Heal old destructive¬†thought patterns and create new neuropathways
  • Feel close to your child, even from afar
  • Let go of social anxiety & feel confident no matter what
  • Learn how to rewrite¬†your story¬†in a way that lifts you up
  • BONUS: Access to the Healing & Reinvention Program (a TWO-fer!)
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Self-Study Program


Use Your Story For Good 

Knowledge on Your Terms

The story you tell (even to yourself) will determine every outcome you create.

  • Self-study program
  • Rewrite your story in a way that lifts you up
  • Learn how to present¬†your story in an impactful way
  • Never feel negatively charged or foggy-brained about events passed again
  • Inspire & move others into action

Monthly Membership


High Road to

Healing & Reinvention  

  • low-cost, all-inclusive¬†program
  • learn the secret to taking¬†your power back in every circumstance¬†
  • learn how to effectively manage your emotions (in a way you've never been taught before)
  • dive into a new & relevant topic each month
  • reimagine your future
  • begin taking purposeful action that propels you forward (instead of wasting energy where it doesn't count)
  • feel supported by other parents like you
  • weekly group coaching calls
  • unlimited access to the High Road Community
  • instant access to all current & previous course content
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What customers are saying...

"I'm so grateful for your work and the program you have developed. Seriously making myself a better person day by day because of it.  Thank you!!!"

Nicole W. 

Shelby is a highly intelligent and likable coach She really GETS it.  If you are ready to think of your situation in a different way…"

Serena C.

Shelby has been my rock during my blackest moments. She works with humor, compassion, and empathy. I would absolutely recommend coaching with her." 

Leanne Y.

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