49. Exterminate Your Alienation ANTs

“I must've done something really bad to deserve alienation”.  “I’ll never get through this.”  “My children will hate me forever.”  “This is how my life is going to be from here on out.”  “It’ll never work.” These are your Automatic Negative Thoughts… your brain’s go-to sentences it recites when you experience a moment of discomfort.  They’re knee jerk mental reactions that cause us to interpret regular situations in unbalanced ways.  These automatic negative thoughts trigger us to feel unpleasant emotions.   Alienation or not, we all have them. BUT.. I do believe that the more negative experiences a person has had, the more these ANTs pop up. And... of course, the more you believe these thoughts, the more you reinforce them. In this episode, I share a few types of ANTs, as well as how to interrupt and replace each one.


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