50. Are You Doing Enough (as an Alienated Parent)?

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Alienated parent worrying whether they are doing enough to show kids they are here for them


Are you doing enough?  I hear this question all the time.  My clients often wonder and worry over this… and it makes sense.  If your days were once filled with carting your kiddo to and from school, soccer practice, recitals, Brownies, Boy Scouts, etc, and then all the sudden… you weren’t… Its completely understandable that youre feeling a sense of urgency. 

Similarly, if you worry as a result of watching the situation stay the same — or get worse — it also makes sense that you’d wonder whether  you’re doing enough.  It’s not uncommon for parents like us unconsciously take the blame.

Regardless, one thing is true for most of us: we LOVE to outsource by checking Facebook groups, reddit, and good ole Google to find the answers… We want to hear what others say on the matter.  But have you ever not9iced that not matter how many answers you get from outside of you, none of them ever seem to scratch the itch?  


Well, in this episode, I’ll explain why that is, along with how to find YOUR ANSWER for yourself.


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