53. Turning the Tables: Using The Stress of Alienation to Empower & Enhance

chronic stress empowerment stress is enhancing
Use the Chronic Stress of Parental Alienation to Empower and Enhance Your Life


I used to think that the activation of my stress response meant I was DOOMED. You hear about it on the news, on social media... Heck, even my therapist harped on me about the insidious effects prolonged stress can have on the brain and body - early onset cognitive decline, cancers High BP, premature aging, depression, blah blah.. 😵‍💫 SHEESH. I mean, the stress ABOUT my stress often bugged me more than the actual stress. You know? It made me feel like no matter how much mind management I did, no matter how much effort I made to heal.. I would forever be at the mercy of the person (people) who was alienating my child from me. 🧚🏼Then.. one magical day, I happened to be sitting in on a lecture. I learned about the Stress is Enhancing Mindset. WHATTTTT...? Sign me up, I thought. And..? The rest is history. In this episode: Why it's imperative for you to adopt a productive mindset and behavior set around stress the everyday simple (and obvious) behaviors that you can adopt/incorporate into your routines Growth Mindset Stress in Enhancing Mindset How to use the mindsets to reverse the negative effects of stress due to parental alienation

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