1. How To Heal Your Heart and Life After Experiencing Parental Alienation (First Episode Ever!)

Hi friend! Are you experiencing the effects of alienation?  Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life as a result?  Do you want to move forward with your life, but no matter what you do, you feel debilitated -- like a prisoner to the pain?  Is being a target parent defining your life, even tho you've tried to rise above it? Then this new podcast is for you.   In this episode, I'll provide a little bit of my story as an alienated mom, and share with you my vision for the show overall.  I'm so excited to be starting this journey with you.  I hope you'll find your new (podcast) home in this show! xoxo You can visit me at beyondthehighroad.com (although, the site is about to get a full facelift, so you might wanna wait on that) For now, come follow me on Instagram: instagram.com/beyondthehighroadcoaching


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