Ep #23: When You Wish Things Were Different


  • We all do it.  We've been conditioned to live much of our lives wishing our circumstances were different than they are.  As little kids we wish we had someone else's toys, their lunches... as teens, we wished we had different teachers, hair, and even different parents. And...on into adulthood, much of the same.   
  • As a parent experiencing the effects of alienation, of COURSE you've been here.  We wish life would go back to the way it was before -- you know, in the "normal days".  You wish that the alienating parent (and/or your children) would come to their senses; that the family courts would finally get their shit together; that you could kiss your babe on the forehead at night; or even just that you could do simple/otherwise mundane "parent things", like making dinner, carpooling to weekday ______ practice,  and back to school shopping, like "all the other parents out there".   
  • The thing is, when we spend our time wishing life would be different, we miss how it COULD be different.  We miss out on opportunities to SEE it differently -- with fresh eyes and new ideas.  Listen to this episode to get the 411 on how to begin the conversation with yourself, and how to move thru the "stuck-edness" of living in "if only" and start living in a world of your own possibility.   
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