Ep #26: When Alienation Has You Feeling STUCK

feeling stuck


Feeling stuck is something I think every human can relate to -- financial stuckness, spiritual stuckness, we can be creatively blocked... stuck in a relationship; most people feel any one of these on a pretty regular basis. But after something as traumatic as alienation happens, we often struggle to move forward in nearly ALL areas of our life.. sometimes for a prolonged period of time.

It makes sense tho; because when your role as a primary caregiver is suddenly NOT your role anymore, it can instigate an identity crisis. The trauma can also cause you to freeze up -- like a deer in headlights -- so as to preserve your safety. And... what began as your body's response to stress, can end up being our lower brain's preferred (habitual) behavior.

In this episode I share with you my method to gently guide you out of your stuckness, as a parent who's experiencing the effects of being alienated from your child(ren). So, whether you're experiencing something as simple as writer's block, or you're feeling stagnant in nearly every area of your life.. this shift will help you to treat it at the source -- promoting lasting change in the way you see your situation; therefore, creating an upgraded version of your life.

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