28. Should You Relocate (as an alienated parent)?


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This... is one topic that I hear from clients a LOT. I see at least 4-5 posts per week on the social media platforms and forums. It's an option that many (if not most) of us have considered at one point while navigating the often dark and winding road of alienation. You might be:



  • judging yourself for even considering the idea: "Am I a bad parent for wanting to move?"
  • questioning the recommendations of experts: What are the long-term effects it could have on your child?
  • wondering if, by moving, that you're essentially waving your white flag in the air: "Does this mean I'm giving up?"
  • and if so, how might this reflect on your child's view of you in the long run?
  • second guessing yourself: "am I just being selfish?" "what will it look like to a judge?" "...to my family?" "...my child??"


Well, dear friend, grab a cup of your favorite drink, and snug up in your favorite comfies.. I'll visit with you about all of this (AND MORE!) just now. 😌

I'll also share with you my thoughts and experience, as I made "the move" about 18 months ago.


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