31. Settling For Less When You Can Have SO Much More

Experiencing alienation (or any kind of grief, for that matter), we often feel battered by a plethora of uncomfortable experiences/emotions. So... the brain's tendency is to go into survival mode and either find something to feeling instead, or resist the feeling altogether. 

Here's the problem with that: When you  use a behavior (Netflix, alcohol, scrolling, weed, whatever) to cope, you end up making your life tolerable. And because this behavior is buffering your discomfort, you stay stuck in the same place -- often for years. The same habits, the same job, the same living situation, relationships... all because you"just needed to take the edge off" or thought something similar to the "pain was too much for me to handle without (said behavior)". And.... you end up drowning out your truest, deepest desires, because the brain has learned to get its dopamine hit with the quick and easy pleasures. 


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