32. Is There More To Life Than This?


Studies have shown that when you experience a traumatic event, your likelihood and capacity to grow in one or more areas increases tremendously.  Further, when you experience a series of traumatic events (ongoing abuse or trauma) like the excruciating pain associated with alienation, it would make sense that the potential for transformation (and the extent or degree thereof) would increase even more.  

In this episode I share with you my thoughts on the stages you might be going thru (although pls keep in mind that there really is no official order to how you experience your grief.

 Acute Stage of Grief - and what that may look like for you 

"Purgatory" Stage - (of course, this is my name for it) and the kinds of things you might be thinking in this stage

The Boiling Point:  This is a stage that not everyone comes to (and that is OK!) If you DO find yourself here, you might be wondering if there is more to life than the Ho-Hum of just existing… making it from one day to the next…

On-the-Fence stance: where you hear a little whisper inside you.. Asking “is there more to life than this?”  HOPING there is.  

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