MONEY.  This is by far, the most highly requested topic I get from y’all, yet I know what a sore subject it is. As alienated parents, many of us have spent GOBS of it in the court system, on supervision, reunification therapy, psych evals… I know.  But, I also know that the beliefs we develop as a result, can be limiting our potential in the future.  And… since money happens to be the currency we use to live, it’s necessary to develop healthy thoughts and habits around it.  So, in todays episode I share:


  • a little about where my earliest money beliefs came from, in hopes to normalize the conversation.  
  • Why its imperative to become aware of where you sit financially
  • The story youre telling yourself about your money situation
  • How to move into new productive beliefs
  • And some mindset tips for setting new money goals for yourself.  


Y’all, it’s a good one!  Enjoy.   Also, in order to keep it under 40 min, I made some (a lot) of cuts.  If you want to watch/listen to the rest of the material, just send me an email.  I’ll drop you a link!   

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