35. Disenfranchised Grief

During alienation, many parents (if not all of them) experience disenfranchised grief; we feel isolated, judged, and unsupported during the most painful period of our lives.

It's been proven again and again that connection is an essential resource for those healing from trauma. HUMAN CONNECTION. Fellowship. Support. Family. Companionship. Friendship. However you want to say it, THIS is the single most effective ingredient to restoring our mental health. Having an environment to open up and share our feelings is the best therapy a person can have.

The thing is, when alienation happens, reaching out is the last thing most of us do. Due to the very nature of our predicament, we feel safe with very few people. It's not uncommon for us to either clam up or act out in anger/fear. This raises questions from our peers, and many times, we end up not receiving the support we so desperately need. Instead, we grieve alone.

In this episode I share with you what disenfranchised grief is, how it relates to parental alienation, other ways it might show up, and what you can do to manage your mind around it.


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