36. Overcoming Shame


Shame.  I think every human walking the face of this earth  (over the age of, say, 9) knows the feeling of shame.  It’s like a warm shower of “UGH”.  With alienation, shame can keep us absolutely debilitated.  

We (as a society) have been conditioned to believe that “good” parents raise and house their children until they are at least 18.  I think its a universal presumption that a parent who doesn’t have access to their children must have done something really awful unforgivable.  

So, devoted and capable as we are, we hide our pain and suffering away.  We make excuses, stuff it down, and contort our lives in the name of shame.  In the name of saving face.  And as a result, we end up suffering a great deal.  

In this episode, I share with you a recent story of my own shame, my thoughts on shame as it relates to alienation, and how you can overcome it.  


Adult Children of Alienation, Amy Baker


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