4. When You Feel Judged or Persecuted As An Alienated Parent

As an alienated parent, you're no stranger to the whispers, side eyes, and glaring judgements.  You might have shied away from doing social events, dating life, and even let go of some friendships, or even isolated yourself entirely.  In this episode, I share with you:  from a scientific standpoint, WHY the judgement can be so difficult  HOW the human brain is wired to desire acceptance,     and finally,   the 3 SHIFTS you can make, so that you never even bat an eye at the haters again.   The mindset hacks I share in this episode literally changed my life.  I hope they do the same in yours!  You can find me at www.Instagram.com/beyondthehighroadcoaching and also at www.beyondthehighroad.com (I just wiped my old site, and haven’t yet uploaded all info onto the new host, but pls stay tuned. I’m working on it!). 
Feel free to message me on IG, or email at [email protected]. Orrrr... you can send a voice message right here!  If you like what you hear, and you want to hear more, I would LOVE it if you rated the show (and even left a review)!  Enjoy.  Love, Shelby


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