6.Move Past The Pain Of Alienation/Stop Self-Sabotage By Allowing Your Emotions

If you're tired of feeling like being an alienated parent is what defines you... if you feel like you can't let go of the anger... If you're just frustrated because no matter how hard you try to change your situation, you keep ending up with the same results... then grab a cup of coffee and tune in.   This one is about how to allow your feelings, so that you don't find them coming out sideways later on.  Learning the simple process will help you to let go of the stuff that's keeping you stuck so that you can move forward with your life -- and start creating new things for yourself!   Don't forget to click the FOLLOW button so you receive new episode notifications.  Also, come follow me on Instagram @beyondthehighroadcoaching.   Message me if youre interested in the Holiday Support Group!



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