45. The Blame Game/⭐️Bonus: The Secret to Reaching Your Goal

accountability authority blame responsibility shame

Parental alienation is rooted in blame. They blame us. You go to family court, and what happens? BLAME. The custody evaluator? The GAL? Blame and blame. As a result, our children learn that blaming is an acceptable way to behave. And, in response, we blame them (the alienating parent).

The problem is, when we blame, we put a halt to all progress and growth. Alienation ends up being a game of Blame Hot Potato.

  • "They did it!"
  • "NO, YOU did it!"

All the while, months, sometimes years pass, and you're still in the same spot. 😞

Let's end this misery, shall we?

⭐️BONUS!!!⭐️ Have you been desperately wanting to get out of a rut? Like, you can see the result you want right in front of you -- you can almost taste it -- but you just can't seem to grab it? Well, my friend... I've got you. In this episode I drop in the secret to uncovering the pernicious thoughts that are keeping you at arm's reach.


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