Do You Self-Erase (as an Alienated Parent)?

childhood trauma identity self-erasing self-erasure
Do You Self Erase As An Alienated Parent?

Do You Self-Erase?

I believe that the people and experiences we attract into our lives are a direct reflection of how we think & feel about ourselves on the inside… We can only connect with the same level of energy that we are putting out… you know?  

Continuing on from last week, I truly believe that.. due to our individual histories, we already learned to be comfortable with denying ourselves the right to be loved.. that bc of our pasts, we learned the coping skill of hiding our true selves away.  As such, it’s rare that we allow other people to actually experience who we are.  

As alienated parents, we’ve been denying ourselves for so long, sometimes it feels impossible to get back in touch with who we are and what we wantOur identities were tied up in parenthood.  So when our children aren’t home as often (or maybe not at all), we feel lost.  We become self-erased…self-isolated …. and to top that off, the other parent is trying to erase us too.

In this episode, Ill share with you my thoughts on why we do this, as well as my own theories… Shelby “isms” .. and of course, what you can do to get back to yourself & overcome the habit to self-erase!  


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