Fear to Freedom: Overcome Social Anxiety & Embrace Lasting Confidence

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Social Anxiety... it cripples many target parents of alienation. Throughout the year, I believe we kind of "manage" ourselves around it; however, once the holiday season rolls around, the influx of reminders can cause some of us to feel overwhelmed. The feelings show up in subtle ways at first, causing behaviors such as avoiding eye contact or limiting conversations, so as to protect us from vulnerability. Over time, these little behaviors manifest into a large emotional barrier between us and the rest of society.

Today I share with you a story highlighting the polarity between my pre-alienation ability to thrive in the spotlight amongst hundreds of people and post-alienation social anxiety, which still lingers today.


In this episode:

    • The root cause of your social anxiety
    • Fear of judgement/persecution
    • How to reconcile your identity as a parent
    • The problem with "good parent", "bad parent" labels 
    • External validation vs internal
    • How to reconnect with loved ones after a period of time
    • How to overcome fear of public speaking (what I'm working

on at current!)


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