Holding Space For Your Anger

As alienated parents, the emotions we experience are INTENSE. Over time, anger can be sewn into -- BAKED into -- the fabric of your being. It can begin to affect how you think, feel, and interact on default... down to your posture, facial expressions, and subconscious interpretations of your world around you.

I used to think that when I had an intense emotion, that I had no control over how I reacted. "If they wouldn't make me mad, then I wouldn't have behaved that way". Cause 👉🏼effect!

But I've since found that I was mistaken. Today I know that I can feel intense anger, and go get a pedicure. I learned how to hold space for the emotion, while also not burying it deep down in my soul.

Over the holidays, emotions run high. I timed this one to help you to manage all the frustration you might be dreading. 😉

Speaking of holidays, its that time of year again!! The Holiday Support Group! 🎄 If you're at all interested in attending, come let me know, so I can prep for you!


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