How "IDK" Is Keeping You Stuck As An Alienated Parent


Part One: What We KNOW: When we've practiced believing the things we "know" for so long, we rarely question their validity. Even less often do we think to assess whether these "truths" work for us.. for who we are becoming. We go around thinking certain traits we've adopted are just "who we are"... but are they representing the you that you want to become?

Part TWO: What we don't know: As alienated parents, we tend to steer clear of the unknown. Due to unresolved trauma and prolonged grief, our CNS says: We're all good on sticking our neck out. Let's not rock the boat. But there are some snags in that plan (I'll share them with you in the episode.)

Part THREE: How IDK SYNDROME blocks you from creating the life you crave.

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