How Unhealed Trauma Can Lead To Self Sabotage In Alienation

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Unhealed Trauma & Self-Sabotage In Parental Alienation

Ever notice, when caught in the clutches of a stressful moment, how you freak out and do exactly the opposite of:

  1. what you really want to do
  2. what is in your best interest, and/or
  3. what supports your goals and dreams?

Like, in the moment, you know what you want longterm, but you just can't seem to stop yourself from choosing the unhealthy option, even tho you know its ultimately going to harm you?  

Or maybe you don't know what you want longterm... Maybe you're like me and were never able to visualize a future for yourself. Or after alienation, now you don't know how to plan for your life without your child being at the center of it all?

Well, settle in, my friends. Today we are going to take a pretty deep dive into WHY this happens, along with how you can overcome it.

My objective today is to open up and have a casual conversation about some not-so-casual issues.

In this episode:

  • trauma alters memory
  • how it affects your self image
  • how trauma affects your ability to visualize your future
  • how it affects your aspirations
  • how trauma bonds might have crossed/confused your idea of love, healthy relationships
  • neurons the fire together wire together
  • how to overcome in 3 steps

 ⛔️ Heads Up: Albeit brief, I do visit some childhood abuse situations in this episode. If you think you're not ready to go there, maybe skip this one for now, and go back to an earlier episode. BUT... 

⭐️ This is a good one y'all.. so make sure to come back to it!  

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