Is Reunification Therapy A Scam? Making Empowered Decisions As An Alienated Parent

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Is Reunification Therapy a SCAM?

I remember the first time I heard about reunification therapy... I thought, "OMG, FINALLY! There is a reasonable action to counter to all the damage that has been done! " . I was thrilled by the notion that maybe, just maybe, our case would begin to turn around.

After a little research (and a lot of legwork), I was able to have a judge order the therapy for my daughter and me. I was sure that this would be the answer to my prayers. A few sessions under our belts, and we'd be right back to snugging on the couch while watching movies before bedtime.

Or so I thought...

In this episode:

  1. debunking the common perception that reunification therapy is a scam
  2. varying success rates due to numerous factors outside the control of the targeted parent and/or the therapist.
  3. the importance of managing expectations,
  4. the inability to influence the actions of the alienating parent
  5. the critical role of self-awareness and empowerment in navigating the difficult journey of re-establishing connections with alienated children.

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