Mistaking A Painful Narrative for True Connection As An Alienated Parent

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Mistaking A Painful Narrative For True Connection As An Alienated Parent


Do you feel chained to the painful memories of your custody situation? Like youre obligated to tell and re-tell the same old stories about the same old incidents in order to make sense of WHY this has all happened?  

Even if you made a deciosjojn to drop it and move on, do you find yourself feeling blocked or stuck as a result of the power your ex holds over your life? 

I did.  I was TERRIFIED of becoming a “has-been” parent.  So, I held on to the torturous narrative in effort to excuse myself from being alienated, and oddly, because I felt that without the story, I wouldn’t have a purpose… that I would be letting go of the last hint of connection I had with my daughter.  Somehow I thought the pain would keep her memory close… But I would ALWAYS end up feeling MORE alienated as a result.  

It became an automatic response.  I would cry or get angry on cue (I wasn’t doing it intentionally… consciously… it just became my norm…)  

In this episode:

    1. Why we hold onto the pain
    2. Pain causing thoughts
    3. Connection causing thoughts
    4. What makes an active parent?
    5. Does the pain of alienation rob you of the ability to love?
    6. How to change the narrative


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