Neutralize Dread & Regret: How to Make Decisions You Can Stick By

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Dread, Regret in alienation. How to make decisions you can stick by

Decisions... they seem so damn difficult to make (after alienation happens). Especially when you're in an active state of worry about what might happen as a result of your choice. Your brain will keep you in a state of paralysis if you've been telling yourself things like:

  • "last time I made a decision, it cost me....."
  • "Any choice I make is going to backfire"
  • "I should just wait and see what happens"
  • "the 'right' option will present itself"

Thoughts like these will only keep you sitting in idle (or possibly going in reverse). Not only that, but the energy your body expends in avoiding... OOF (trust me, I speak from very recent experience).

What's more? The act of procrastinating/avoiding the impending decision in front of you will actually CAUSE that dreaded outcome to come to fruition.

In this episode:


  • My own recent experience with dread
  • Effects of allowing dread to dictate your actions
  • One of my biggest regrets in life
  • Regret: useful or not useful?
  • How to make decisions you can stick by
  • Also! The Cuban Back Bean, Chicken, Quinoa Recipe:

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