Renewing Thankfulness: When You Think You Have No More Fu*ks To Give

I think one of my top pet peeves has to be when some person I dont know tells me:"smile! It can't be that bad!" You know what I'm talking about, right? I think the reason it annoys me so much is because that person is implying that a.) they know what's going on in my head and b.) that the absence of smile on my face is actually affecting them so much that they need me to fix myself according to their preferences. And that has never sat well with me. Similarly, when a holiday like Valentines day or Thanksgiving rolls around, there are times, especially following alienation, when I don't care to fix myself for others. You feel me? In today's episode, I share with you some ideas to help you find genuine gratitude during the times when you think you have zero fucks to give.

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