Silently Suffering? Social & Emotional Connection as an Alienated Parent

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Finding Connection As An Alienated Parent

We, as parents experiencing alienation, know isolation. We know lonely. Heck... it's right there in the two word term!

When alienation begins, it doesn't only affect your role in your child's life -- in fact, the predicament we've found ourselves in affects so many other relationships. Until recently, your children were intertwined with your entire life!

So it makes sense that you would want to isolate yourself. But there is so much data out there showing how critical emotional support is for our healing process.

As humans, we need to be and feel understood. We crave togetherness. But after a period of isolation, our brain produces a neuropeptide called tachykinin. This protein interacts with the body to cause our loneliness to perpetuate itself. What's worse? It also will make you believe you're not lonely. So in order to evolve through it, you must develop the skill of discernment. Listen to the episode for more!

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