The Compound Effect of a Determination Mindset

I should be further along by now. It's too late. I'm too old. I missed my window. It's not happening fast enough. After alienation happened, each of those phrases played on a daily rotation in the jukebox of my brain.

I never understood how people could get so much accomplished with such (seemingly) little effort. To me, it seemed like all I did was spin my tires in dirt... burning what little energy I had left... while others tra-la-lah-ed in circles around me (which only exacerbated the situation in my mind).

Fast forward to today... I must hear the questions 20-30 times a month: How do you do it? How did you find a way to make it through the misery?

And... the comments that follow often sound like: Well, you must be different. Your situation must've been less severe. You must've had help.

But no. None of the above. My results are due to the compound effect of my determination mindset. Day in, day out relentless desire to change the trajectory of my life. In each one of these episodes are my secrets HOW.

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