The Illusion of Truth: Unveiling The Stories We Tell Ourselves

fact vs. fiction the story you're telling truth
The Illusion of Truth Unveiling the stories that bind us as Alienated Parents

If you've been down the research rabbit hole of alienation's long-term effects on children, you're well aware of the toll it could take on their cognitive development

Similarly (tho your brain may have been fully developed when your children were born), parents like us also experience a dulling of our critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills; which makes it more challenging for us to see the big picture right off the bat (also, many of us just didn't learn the skill as children). 

I see it dozens of times each week... a parent will present a story utilizing the "facts" in order to illustrate that their lives are doomed. They will take the limited info they have and FILL IN THE BLANKS with interesting bits (drama), and then deem the whole story TRUTH.  

You'd be amazed at how many parents I speak with that will do just about anything to convince me that their life is unfixable.  They are committed to their story,  in spite of the fact that it's causing them to suffer.

Whether they are referring to their child, the alienating parent, or even a significant other, it's highly unlikely that, unless they were told firsthand, they would know for sure what another person is thinking or feeling. 

But we all do it. 

If you've been listening for a little bit, you know that I talk with y'all a lot about making yourself aware of the thoughts you're allowing. Today, I share:

  • story from a couple weeks ago, when I believed my own lie
  • my thoughts on limiting beliefs (thanks to the Bachelorette)
  • Why it's important to play this current sucky hand thru
  • How to change your "fate"
  • Why its essential to choose the thoughts you allow into your mental temple 😉


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