The Injustices of Alienation: Don't Let 'Em Get The Best Of You

It seemed IMPOSSIBLE not to be consumed by it all.. The injustices were everywhere I turned. I was being followed, harassed, bullied, slandered, intimidated, threatened, and of course, grossly criticized of my ability of mother my child.

The network of judges, custody evaluators, crooked "family" attorneys (not all of them were/are, but..); the strictly bureaucratic nature of the court officials & processes, making it nearly impossible to be and feel heard; but shifted around from one "specialist" to the next, while you foot the bill.

The issues that mattered (like my child's rights to be loved by both parents) were buried by the smokescreen antics concocted by the alienator. Lasting well over a decade (15 years and counting), it felt like a living HELL.

They made false accusations, pursued criminal legal actions, persistently badgered both the AG and the DA's office in effort to have me incarcerated; with the ultimate goal of removing from my daughter's life for good.

As a result of not having the tools I do today, suffered for years in clinical depression, somatic symptoms/illness, active & progressing addiction, poverty... I could go on..

To add insult to injury, I was ordered to pay child support... to a trust fund baby.

I mean, I was ATE UP. I felt like there was no other choice for me but to be miserable forever.

ANd then... I found this work. PHEW, did it save me. Listen to this episode to learn my take (on all of the above) today.


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