Ultimate Rejection: Navigating Beyond Your Hurt & Rediscovering Purpose

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So... I received some news last week... News that even just two short years ago would’ve had me in a tailspin.  I would’ve been so worked up, stomach on a roller coaster while working full speed to put reference to & defend the outrageous claims he was making against me.

I think it's safe to say that, when youre cradling your darling, sweet smelling, softly cooing tiny infant in your arms, you never in a million years consider the possibility that one day, they will reject you. That one day, the parent who spent years finishing your sentences and orchestrating things like "dancing Thursdays" in the living room w/ PJs on, would ever act as the barrier between you & your child..

But, here we are.. Devoted parents who experience the ongoing and devastating effects of alienation.

Many of us feel devalued & discarded on a daily (hourly) basis. That's exactly what the person who is alienating your children from you would LOVE for you to feel.  Because then, they don't have to consider you each time they look at the child you made together.  

But through this work, Ive found that nobody can devalue me unless I allow it. Yeah, life is not how I planned it. And YES... I would give all of this self-betterment back in a HEARTBEAT if I could just have my child back. But that clearly isn't in the plan for life (at current). I trust that our children will come back when they are ready.

SO why not try plan B? Why not SOAR in the meantime?



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