When You Feel Disappointed By Those You Love

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Being in relationships with people you love - or even like -- disappointment is bound to happen every now and then. It's just part of being human. 

After alienation happens, we often clutch tightly to those who stuck around; we tend to expect more from them (after all, they're aware of the hell we've been through). Oftentimes, we develop a ruleset for how they should (and shouldn't) behave..

The thing is, many of us forget to let them in on the unspoken rules and expectations we have. 

In this episode, I share with you a few examples from my own life, including:

  • two incidents when I felt let down by my mom (one of them directly related to the alienation)
  • a very recent experience (over Christmas 2023) when I felt disappointed/taken advantage of by a friend 
  • how I handled all three events why disappointment is actually a you (or a me) thing
  • how to feel in charge of your mind & emotions when you feel let down by someone. 
  • how to set a boundary with someone

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