Why Having Hope Sucks (As an Alienated Parent)

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Why hope sucks as an alienated parent

Hope sounds like such a great thing. It sounds so affirmative, supportive, and well... HOPEFUL! Nearly every parent I've ever spoken with (hundreds of you) has used the word at least once during our conversations.

Here's the thing about it: It SUCKS. Stay with me here.

Think back to the last time you used it. How did it make you feel? ...On the inside, I mean. Did it make you feel motivated? In control? Did it cause you to feel certain of your ability? How about capable?

Ima guess that you weren't envisioning fluffy clouds, leprechauns, and cute little piggy snouts after you said it.

Ya. That's because the idea of hope causes us to feel hopeless. It takes our agency, and places it in the hands of tomorrow. It suggests that our lives should be placed on hold until then. Whatever emotion we are after by hoping, we must forgo until the Gods of alienation decide to reward us.

That sucks, y'all. I've got a better way to frame it. 😉


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